honest & sure

‘It is the Lord’s way to tear before he heals.  This is the honest love of his heart, and the sure surgery of his hand.  He also bruises before he binds up, or else it would be an uncertain work… do not despair, dear heart, but come to the Lord with all thy jagged wounds, black bruises, and running sores.  He alone can heal, and he delights to do it.  It is our Lord’s office to bind up the broken-hearted, and he is gloriously at home at it… Will a surgeon make an incision, and then leave his patient to bleed to death? Will the Lord pull down our old house, and then refuse to build us a better one? Dost thou ever wantonly increase the misery of poor anxious souls? That be far from thee, O Lord.’

Charles Spurgeon – Chequebook of the Bank of Faith